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Does anyone else have a problem logging in to the Forum? I used to be able to post messages regularly, but now for some unknown reason they never appear (and I have never been rude!). I have tried changing my e-mail address and password, but still nothing. I may have to just accept that I can only view the messages, and no longer contribute.

On another matter, does anyone know when Richie Furay's Return to the Troubador will be available via Amazon or a similar source? It's available on Richie's website, but the delivery charge to the UK is nearly as much as the DVD! I would love to purchase the DVD at a reasonable price.

Meanwhile of course, we are still waiting for Richie's Through It All.
Fri February 05th, 2021 7:56 AM UK
You guys are the bomb! I have always loved your music. I SO wish I could see you in concert!!! Thanks for al the great music over the years. I just got a new stereo and I am enjoying listening to your CDs again.


Tue January 12th, 2021 2:59 PM Sioux Falls SD
You guys were the last "normal" fun event my teenage son and I experienced before this virus frenzy, January in Hopewell VA. What a great show! Hope to see you all again soon, we have both said to each other: I miss Poco!!!! Sending you all well wishes and lots of love from Virginia.
Fri December 11th, 2020 2:11 PM Chesapeake VA
Still listening to your music - if by chance can I get a copy of of the live session at Altmonte Springs Fl 16 Feb 2014.
Good memories regarding the nite.
Fri November 13th, 2020 6:01 PM Queensland Australia
Love the band. Any new albums in the pipeline. Any online concerts?
Mon November 09th, 2020 9:29 PM Blaine, Washington
Hi Rusty. I'm sending a link from the Poco Facebook page of a concert you guys did in Napierville Il sometime in the early 2000s. On Call it Love, I hear and ( possibly) see a keyboard ( organ) sound just like in the original 1989 version. Is this a pedal effect you were effecting with your magic, or is there a keyboardist at this gig?
Wed October 14th, 2020 10:14 PM Pittsburgh PA
I miss Paul Cotton. Too bad Rusty pulled a "Don Henley" move. Greed is a horrible thing.
Sun September 13th, 2020 3:39 PM Omaha NE
Anyone heard this cd? Live… Wollman Skating Rink, New York 22nd August 1975
Wed September 02nd, 2020 8:53 PM Nantucket, MA
Hey Rusty...A voice from the past here. Steve Murray originally from Lakewood CO.
I met you a number of times with Judy Edwards of Guitar City. My best friend and band mate was Judys boyfriend at the time and I were always in the store, and dreamed about taking lessons from you but couldn't afford it.
Nice to know guys like you are still out there doing your belong in the R&RHOF brother!
Be well my friend
Thu August 27th, 2020 4:26 PM Washington dc
Hey guys! I’ve absolutely loved and revered Poco since I purchased Crazy Eyes in 1973.
I just listened to it today and it still blows me away! I have enjoyed turning on younger people on to these sounds as it provides a link with the band as well as the era.
Why are you guys not playing Vegas. You should be here at least once yearly. The best part aside from letting your mania run with mine, is that you can come home with us for the very best dining experience of your lives. My wife can back that up.
So have a great time in Europe and let’s get you to Vegas!
Sun June 21st, 2020 11:45 PM Las Vegas

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