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'Waitin' for the Sun'


here you go Poconuts, you're the first to hear the title for the solo project. The album's in the finishing stages. Joe Hardy is mixing the songs this week. Jack has been my right hand man with many of the recording details. The album art is being formatted and a new 'Rusty Young' website is in the works. We definitely want to keep this poconut site active and now that this project is winding down, I should have more time for updates. I'm glad many of you check out the Poco related facebook pages and are getting excited for the 50 years celebration. I've got to thank Mary for keeping up with all that social media stuff. She keeps me in the loop. As we've mentioned, we're collecting email addresses to send updates about the solo album. Just send a message to

Many of you have asked about the book. It's moved to the front burner and I'll be working on it next. The stories are written, I just need to work on a few transitions and of course an ending. It doesn't seem like Poco will ever end, but Mary tells me I better finish the book while I'm still here because I may not like the ending she gives it if I leave it unpublished when I travel to the great beyond.

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August 17, 2017 1:39PM

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